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Hours of operation 12:00PM-6:00PM


Tasting room Phone: 603-374-5076

Offering natural wines and ciders, Alpine Garden Winery is home to wild fermentation in the Mount Washington Valley.  Our natural wine grower, Ryan Classen, is pioneering wine growing in this extreme climate and his results have been nothing short of inspiring and invigorating. Owing to his commitment to all natural methods, the wine presents the truest expression of the land in which it is grown, the terroir.  


Natural wine making is a bold contradiction to the world of industrial wines, which saturate today’s market.  Big wine industry utilizes starter yeasts, sulfites, filtration and other unnatural processes. Alpine Garden Winery vows to never use sulfites or filtration and to allow wild fermentation to work it’s magic by harnessing the ancient energy of ambient yeasts, which occur naturally in the vineyard and orchards.


Our wine grapes are grown on Ryan’s vineyard in Bartlett, NH.  The vineyard continues to expand every year, and each season produces it own unique tastes influenced by Mother Nature.  As our vines mature, the harvest remains small. Our wines of limited quantity sell out quickly.  The first couple of years of business will be largely focused on cider. Call to check our current line ups. 

Our ciders and wine are both pressed and bottled in house.. The ciders are often enhanced by letting the grape skins rest on the freshly pressed juice, known as maceration, giving it wine-like qualities.  


Our ciders and wines are in the style of Pétillant Naturel; many refer to the style as “Pét-Nat.”  

Our Pét-Nat ciders are aged in an array of different barrels from stainless steel to cognac barrels being the bulk of what we produce.  Take a tour with our producers and taste the fruits of his labor. Cheers!

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